Our vision: is bringing healing, hope, restoring relationships and building peaceful empowered communities that glorify God.

Our mission: To empower individuals refresh and overcome challenges through physical, psychological rehabilitation and material support.

This is a centre for spiritual, emotional and physical refreshment.
A healthy interior and exterior for everybody.




Physical restoration

Aiming at the care and rehabilitation needs of those that want to reclaim control of their bodies. Even those that feel traumatized and lost control of their bodies, may be have gone through any abuse shall be helped through body exercises such as yoga, etc.

Psychological restoration.

Addresses the psychological consequences and trauma arising from abuse, etc. It reduces stigmatization of victims to abuse and promotes a great sense of trust, peace, rest and self-esteem to happy homes/families and finally a happy community

Economic Empowerment

Aimed at improving the economic status and standard of living for individuals. This is to be done through skilling them, adult education, business trainings, creation of employment opportunities. Offering material support such as basic needs etc. to families that are distressed.

About the centre

The centre is a place for spiritual, emotional and physical refreshment where those that seek to disconnect from the world of technology and reconnect with God, nature and their bodies can rest. It is also suitable for those that need a “me time”, those that seek a solo quiet time moments on a mat.

Connect with our team- Kalyango David

A certified Holy yoga instructor C-HYI 200, David and his wife stay in Kampala, Uganda’s capital with their 4 children and they both actively serve in a local church and NGO. Away from ministry, he is an Entrepreneur with a company dealing in property rental collections.

Connect with our team - Christina Garcia

Christina is a licensed Holy yoga instructor trainer at Yoga and fitness 4/1 and Blissful Spirits Hot Yoga Rio Rancho . (C-HYI 225, C-HYI 300, 300hr Master yoga certification, Christian yoga 500 E-RYT). She currently lives with her husband Nolberto Garcia in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Connect with our team - Namubiru Milly

A Social sciences graduate with more than 5 years work experience in administrative work in NGO and other fields. Milly is a mother of 4 children, a children ministry pastor and our Administrator.

Connect with our team - Robin Moore

Robin through an NPO, FABmissions has helped and blessed many lives in Africa, she is a mother and grandma to many due to the hope she gives to many families helped through the NPO she spearheads. She currently stays in Frederick Maryland, USA but annually travels to Africa
(Uganda) which we regard her second home. Robin is a certified Holy Yoga Instructor, specializing in C-HYI 200 -Trauma-Sensitive, C-HYI Leadership, above all she is a good Soldier for Christ.

Stand with us in Prayer

We are currently raising required funds to construct a training centre. 

The facility is to also have a training centre for conferences, retreats, etc where groups of people shall gather for trainings in physical, economical, psychological, and faith based studies.

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