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Consumer debt collection

We specialize in high volume consumer credit collection within a number of different market sectors. We operate on behalf of Financial Institutions and Corporate entities. Our internal collections systems are all written and developed in-house and have flexibility second to none. Our telephone collections staff work accounts specifically designated to them and retain account ownership; they are intensively trained on the area of industry sector specific to them. This approach leads to a higher rate of collections on behalf of our clients. Our market segmentation:  Financial Services – We act on behalf of a number of financial service providers including Banks, Credit Card Providers, Online Lenders and Specialist Loan Providers. We adhere to the principles of Treating Customers Fairly and abide by the laws and regulations our clients are governed.  Utilities – A unique debt type with some very specific characteristics and regulatory constraints. We have a wealth of experience in acting on behalf of Companies,

Commercial debt collection

Commercial or Business to Business debt collection requires a specialist set of skills . That’s because commercial debts are generally of a greater value than Consumer Debt and involve negotiating with a more sophisticated type of Debtor. Add the involvement of different legal entities and multiple parties (including guarantors and directors) to the mix and it’s clear that more complex collection strategies are needed to achieve results when recovering this kind of debt. Our collectors understand the principle that companies owe money, but people pay bills. We recognize that no two debtor companies are identical, and that’s why we negotiate with each one according to their solvency and liquidity. We provide fortnight reporting, giving clients direct access to information, progress reports, charges and invoicing We understand the specialized skills needed for successful Commercial Debt collection and have dedicated Commercial collections team who are trained to deliver the best outcome for your business.

Skip tracing

We’re specialized in providing the credit/collections industry with high quality location information. The expanded use of computer-based data retrieval has resulted in significant gains in the location process. Our specialized expert skip trace investigators utilize an array of resources: state of the art technology, internet resources, professional contacts, expert phone inquiry and good old fashioned detective work to locate the hardest skips. This powerful approach results in our ability to consistently generate locate rates that meet and exceed each clients ‘needs and expectations, thereby improving their collection revenues and Return on.

Proffessional Negotiators

Telecollections and Field services

Credit Consultancy, Risk Management,Trainings, Credit relathionship management

Many, initially good, loans are being charged off in as little as 18 to 24 months. Our research shows that most relationship managers spend 15 percent or less of their time on customer contacts that could lead to business development. They can become better, more effective business developers without sacrificing critical risk management time and activities if we takes over the credit relationship function for your business, you will; > Reduce credit risk > Develop commercial relationships that maximize profitability > Keep your best customers and defend against competition > Save time and accomplish more without cutting corners > Reduce delinquency rates We design customized Credit Risk Management Systems that are essential for building internal capacity. We facilitate our clients to build and implement structures that deliver outstanding results and ensure that they continuously evolve, to consistently deliver the same results, even in hostile economic environments.


In the course of doing business, you'll probably want to set up business relationships with new vendors or perhaps sell on monthly payment terms to new businesses. Whatever your need is, due diligence background checks / credit references for businesses that you'll be "doing business with" needs to be an integral part of your business practices. Whether it is a loan application,buying a property, a new service provider, tenant or potential employee, we will verify information or obtain credit reports to enable you make an informed business decision.

Property Management

Providing routine maintenance, common area management, rent collection, and property inspection. Rental housing includes different locations, structures, sizes, and management properties. We have single-family homes, townhouses, apartments, holiday homes, and fully furnished accommodation in residential properties. We list and advertise properties for sale in Uganda on our website and through print media, ensuring absolute exposure of your property to buyers and renters. Our partnership with other real estate professional agents ensures our clients receive impressive quality service that eases their decision-making. It saves them time and money, assisting them in making the best choices when buying, renting, or selling their property.

Our Property Managers can help you in

> Letting of vacant space >Lease administration > Preventative maintenance > Preparation of annual property budgets >Rent and service charge collection and administration > Maintaining the quality of services > Management reports on monthly and quarterly basis >management >Tenant issues management and dispute resolution >We collect and bank all rental monies to the landlord’s bank account. >We prepare all the necessary documents related to tenancy, sale or lease.

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A high quality credit portfolio can only be managed by well trained credit officers with superior skills to analyze credit risk. This is essential for ensuring that all the prudent norms of asset quality are internalized and enforced. This includes collections as well. Debtors are now more informed and sophisticated than ever before. Debt collectors have to be well trained and prepared to outsmart the debtor. Collection is a battle, won by the best negotiator. We design and conducts training programs for all officers engaged in credit and debt management. Our collaboration with world class credit consultants makes this function much more fruitful to our clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Property manager?

We provide best approach to buying and selling of properties

We offer services that consist of Selling, Buying, letting or Leasing of Properties in Uganda. To landlords, we get for you the rights buyers or tenants for your property and to Property Buyers or Tenants, we get for you the right property to buy or rent.

In short, we work as real estate brokers or real estate agents. Under here, we work as intermediaries between property landlords or sellers and real estate buyers on the basis of ‘Willing Buyer, Willing Seller on a genuine property’. Our comprehensive data base has property profiles and details. When you need any information about a particular property, we are able to provide it accordingly, but subject to your verification (buyer’s verification)

We assist in finding a buyer or a tenant for a property on affordable terms and prices. For buying or letting of property in Uganda, we do the following:- (1) We help a prospective property buyer to find a genuine property with rightful owners and documents and that it meets your specific requirements and development preferences. (2) Before you we advertise a property or recommend it for buying or occupation as a rental, we always advise our clients to do a comprehensive research into the true of ownership of the property and the validity of titles of the property in the relevant public offices. An independent verification of any property is very vital. (3) We investigate the ownership through residents of adjoining properties, to discover its authenticity based of its history. Alongside the formal certification through the various land’s offices, we also interact with local authorities, cognizant neighbours and other related persons to ratify the genuineness of the property. (4) Sometimes, we conduct methodological searches at the survey and maps offices to establish the development arrangement of the area, any upcoming planning proposals by the government and the area’s physical format for instance whether prone to tremors, landslides, waterlogged area, flooding, swamp lands and many more.

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